Building a heritage of Confidence..

Since its inception in 1982, KARVY has demonstrated dedication coupled with dynamism that has inspired trust from various segments, corporates, government bodies and individuals. KARVY has since been performing a pivotal role as the intermediary the interface between these players.

With Mutual Funds emerging as a distinct assets class, KARVY has made a strategic alliance with Computershare, Australia in forming the largest Register and Transfer Agent in India - Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd. By leveraging the latest technology Karvy Computershare has gained a substantial edge in the standards of service. Today we service nearly 60% of the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) across an extensive network of service centers and assets under service in excess of Rs. 197,870.42 crores. Mutual Fund services have undergone a sea change in the Indian market place and AMCs are finding their niche in delivering unique products and services offerings.

Our ability to mass customize and offer a diverse range of products to our customers has helped Mutual Fund companies in uniquely positioning themselves in the market place. These diverse range of services cut across multiple delivery channels, service centers, web, mobile phones and call center have brought home the benefits of technology to investors, distributors and the AMCs.

Going forward, we shall strive to create new products and services which would address the needs of the end customer. Our single minded focus in delivering products for customers has given us the distinguished position of being the preferred provider of financial services in the country.

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