Mutual Funds can meet the investment objectives of almost all types of investors. Younger investors who can take some risk while aiming for substantial growth of capital in the long term will find growth schemes (i.e. funds which invest in stocks) an ideal option

Older investors who are risk-averse and prefer a steady income in the medium term can invest in income schemes (i.e. funds which invest in debt instruments). Investors in middle age can allocate their savings between income funds and growth funds and achieve both income and capital growth.Investors who want to benefit from regular savings, save a small sum every month, can use the Systematic Investment Plan

Axis Midcap Fund Announces Dividend

Reliance Growth Fund touches net asset value of Rs 900 crore

Gold ETFs outflow reaches Rs 462 cr in April-August

An IPO wave is just starting

NFOs lose steam as existing plans hot up

MF folio count rises 21 lakh to around 5 crore in August end

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