Quality policy
To achieve and retain leadership, Karvy shall aim for complete customer satisfaction, by combining its human and technological resources, to provide superior quality financial services. In the process Karvy will strive to exceed Customers' satisfaction and set Industry Standards.
As per the Quality Policy, Karvy will :
Build in-house processes that will ensure transparent and harmonious relationships with its clients and investors to provide high quality of services.
Establish a partner relationship with its investor service agents and vendors that will help in keeping up its commitments to the customers.
Provide high quality of work life for all its employees and equip them with adequate knowledge & skills so as to meaningfully respond to customers' needs .
Continue to uphold the values of honesty & integrity and strive to establish unparalleled standards in business ethics.
Use state-of-the art information technology in developing new and innovative financial products and services to meet the changing needs of investors and clients.
Strive to be a reliable source of value-added financial products and services and constantly guide the individuals and institutions in making a judicious choice of same.
Strive to keep all stake-holders(shareholders, clients, investors, employees, suppliers and regulatory authorities) proud and satisfied.

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