An end-to-end digital platform for Corporates, LLPs, Banks and other non-individual investors for seamless mutual fund transactions.
Welcome to Karvy KORP CONNECT:

A place where you can have one platform for Mutual Funds serviced by Karvy FinTech Pvt Ltd

    karvy tick logo One window for all Mutual Funds serviced at Karvy FinTech Pvt Ltd
    karvy tick logo One account for Investment across Mutual Funds serviced at Karvy FinTech Pvt Ltd
    karvy tick logo Single view of Investments across all Mutual Funds serviced at Karvy FinTech Pvt Ltd
    karvy tick logo Single login for accessing multiple funds that are serviced at Karvy FinTech Pvt Ltd

Keeping track of your investments through Mutual Funds was never this easy. Now with Karvy KORP CONNECT online transaction for Non Individual Investors facility you no longer have to work through the heaps of paperwork to manage your mutual fund account. Simply log onto and enjoy the comfort of accessing your portfolio right from your desktop.


Karvy KORP CONNECT is an Online Transaction facility specific to Non-Individual Investors offered by Karvy Mutual Funds Services. Karvy Mutual Funds Services is registered with SEBI as Registrar to Issue and is regulated by SEBI.

With Karvy KORP CONNECT facility now you can:

    karvy tick logo Funds credit confirmation alerts for your transactions
    karvy tick logo Make transactions online and Track your Transactions
    karvy tick logo Check the balance of Units in a Folio
    karvy tick logo Monthly Product Updates
    karvy tick logo Online Statements

Security at Karvy FinTech Pvt Ltd:

Karvy Fintech Private Limited (KFPL) is the first organization, in its line of business, to achieve the distinction of receiving an ISO 9002 certification and have now migrated to ISO 9001:2008 standards, for quality management systems, certified by DNV. We have also been awarded ISO 27001:2013 certification by DNV, for our high standards with respect to information security and management system. Head quartered in Hyderabad, India.

KFPL is the largest registrar and a market leader, servicing over 90 million investor accounts spread over 1300 issuers including banks, PSUs and mutual funds. With a workforce of around 5,500+ experienced professionals drawn from various disciplines, and 460 branches pan India, Karvy Fintech has emerged as a market leader in Investor Servicing.

Karvy KORP CONNECT offers the following services:

    karvy tick logo One Login: Karvy KORP CONNECT is a single window for all your transactions across the Karvy Mutual Fund Services (Karvy FinTech Pvt Ltd participating AMCs). No more hassles of multiple papers, multiple faxes, multiple callbacks, and multiple confirmations.
    karvy tick logo Multiple Accesses with Single Login: Karvy KORP CONNECT allows you to transact across multiple folios linked to the Permanent Account Number using the same login. Authorization limits validated at Entity level.

Features at Karvy KORP CONNECT:

    karvy tick logo End to End Non – Individual Investor Services
    karvy tick logo Consolidated portfolio management
    karvy tick logo Knowledge Center and Information Center
    karvy tick logo Multi-level authorizations as per Board Resolution of each Entity
    karvy tick logo Alerts to Authorizers for approving transactions
    karvy tick logo Time-stamp at Karvy MF Server on last qualifying authorization as per Authorization Matrix
    karvy tick logo Transact Online with One Click
    karvy tick logo Purchase, Redemption, Switch transactions enabled
    karvy tick logo Choice of Scheme selection from different funds / Existing Portfolio
    karvy tick logo Payments through NEFT/ RTGS, UTR
    karvy tick logo Real-time tracking of funds and payment status
    karvy tick logo Step by step transaction history of events view
    karvy tick logo Transaction detail view with units affected, NAV & Value date
    karvy tick logo Common Portfolio view across all AMCs with latest NAV and Valuation.

Contact Us:

Investor Service Centers (ISCs), commonly known as 'Branches', are the points of contact for all transactions. With a reach of more than 400 branches, Karvy FinTech Pvt Ltd constantly strives to offer top-notch ‘over the counter’ services to investors. All ISCs are equipped with state of the art infrastructure to allow easy access to information, products and services. Operations and customer interaction are facilitated by highly skilled and dedicated manpower to deliver quality service, customer satisfaction and maintain standards across branches.

Head Office:


Karvy Selenium, Tower B, Plot Number 31 & 32,

Financial District, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally,

Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana Pin - 500 032



karvy tick logo Is original ASL/BR is compulsory for activation of User and after registration how the user will be activated ?
Ans: Yes for activation of user original ASL/BR should to forwarded to corporate address Karvy KORP CONNECT team should receive document within 15days of registration and team will verify the original ASL/BR for activation of user.

karvy tick logo Where should Investor should send the Original ASL/BR documents?
Ans: Original ASL & BR should be mailed to the mentioned address

Karvy Selenium, Tower B, Plot Number 31 & 32,
Financial District, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally,
Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana Pin - 500 032

karvy tick logo How to edit contact details?
Ans: Contact details can be updated via e-mail i.e. or can also send a physical request to your nearest Karvy Branch.

karvy tick logo What is Corporate KORP CONNECT?
Ans: Corporate KORP CONNECT provides opportunity to Company, HUF, Association of Persons, Body of individuals, Firm transact for purchase, redemption and Switch via online.

karvy tick logo How different is it?
Ans: Corporate KORP CONNECT is exclusively available for Company, HUF, Association of Persons, Body of individuals, Firm.

karvy tick logo How do I register for corporate KORP CONNECT?
Ans: To register for Karvy Corporate KORP CONNECT visit our website, click on sign up and fill the required details.

karvy tick logo What are the features available in corporate KORP CONNECT?
Ans: Karvy Corporate KORP CONNECT enables a Corporate Investor to transact online for Purchase, redemption and Switch.

karvy tick logo How do I make payment for Purchase?
Ans: A corporate investor can transact using NEFT and RTGS UTR number.

karvy tick logo Can I use credit/debit card to purchase?
Ans: No, payments for Purchase or switch cannot be made via credit card or debit cards.

karvy tick logo What time will be considered for determining applicable NAV for Purchase, redemption and Switch?
Ans: Timestamp Stamp will be Karvy’s server time.

karvy tick logo When does the allotment of units happen after Additional Purchase transactions?
Ans: Time taken for allotment is same as it is in physical purchase.

karvy tick logo How will I receive my Redemption Proceeds?
Ans: After successful processing of your redemption transaction for applicable NAV, the redemption proceeds will be paid out to your existing bank account registered in the folio.

karvy tick logo Can I change my address, contact number and bank mandate on Karvy Corporate KORP CONNECT?
Ans: NO. Due to investor data security reasons, all Non-Financial Transactions are presently not offered in Karvy Corporate KORP CONNECT. Investor need to submit a physical written request at the Karvy Investor Service Center or respective AMC Service Center for the same.

karvy tick logo Are transactions available for all scheme types?
Ans: All transactions related to Purchase, redemption and Switch are service via Karvy Corporate KORP CONNECT.

karvy tick logo What acknowledgement do I receive for my transactions?
Ans: Request confirmation decision will be sent to your registered e-mail ID.

karvy tick logo What are the upcoming features in Karvy Corporate KORP CONNECT?
Ans: Karvy Corporate KORP CONNECT will soon be enabled to SIP, STP and SWP.

karvy tick logo Whom do I contact for any Karvy Corporate connect queries?
Ans: You can send an e-mail to

karvy tick logo Do I need to be KYC compliant in order to place order via Karvy Corporate KORP CONNECT website?
Ans: Yes, with effect from January 1, 2011. KYC is now mandatory for all class of investors irrespective of investment amount. Investors are to ensure if both PAN and KYC are updated in folio. However, for redemption transactions KYC is not mandatory.

karvy tick logo What should I do if some of my folios are missing from Karvy Corporate KORP CONNECT website?
Ans: All your MF investments serviced by Karvy automatically gets mapped to the portfolio provided you have the same e-mail ID registered across all your folios. If in case any of your MFs is missing in the Karvy mail back statements. Please ensure that your email ID is updated in all your MF investments.

karvy tick logo What are the pre-requisites for new folio creation at Karvy Corporate KORP CONNECT website?
Ans: Following are the pre- requisites for a new folio creation:

  • You need to be KYC compliant for Mutual Fund transactions.
  • You are required to input opted scheme and payment details.
  • Net banking facility need to be activated in your bank account to proceed with the payment.

karvy tick logo What happens if the User ID is blocked?
Ans: If the User ID gets blocked an e-mail needs to be sent to and necessary steps needs to be followed.

karvy tick logo How can I retrieve my password if I forgot one?
Ans: An e-mail from the registered e-mail ID needs to be sent to

karvy tick logo Is transacting Online secure?
Ans: We use a variety of tools and system for information security of a customer. Our security standards can be viewed at